Here is a copy of our regular menu …
Pictured below OR click here to see a PDF of our menu!!

Our daily slices change OFTEN!
So watch for diversity – as well as new, fun, and seasonal options to try out!!

We are HAPPY to accommodate your dietary needs.  We offer cheese-less pizza pies … no cheese, but more veggies!  We normally do not always have this as an option by the slice, but can ALWAYS make you your own 1/2 or whole 16″ pie.  Note: it will take a few more minutes, so feel free to call ahead too!

At the moment, we unfortunately can not meet your needs.  Although Mike is open to experimenting with a gluten-free dough, we are unable to guarantee a flour-free environment.  Since the new space is opening, hopefully we can begin to say that this is “coming soon”!!

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