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A Small Piece of Our History (we are #7) and a GREAT Perspective on Durham

6 Jan

On a more personal note … from a close friend of ours.

Re-blog from luggage:

From the moment Phil and I stepped foot into Durham, we were struck by the positive energy and can-do attitude that is contagious to anyone who spends time here. It can also be a little bit dangerous for a girl with a whole lot of ideas and my husband will attest to the fact that since we moved here in 2008, I’ve jumped head first into lots of community projects, planned endless events and cheered on others as they too looked down the path for adventurous enterprises of their own. I’ll be the first to admit that a lot of my big “plans” go unfulfilled, or are pulled off at the last minute with solicited assistance from my good friends. But it has been through this process that I’ve found people in every corner of Durham waiting to tell you that you’ve got a good idea, that you should go for it, make it happen… and then they give you a list of people who can help you along the way.

It’s this DIY community that brought us to Durham in the first place. We met up with the crew that started BCHQ, went to a record store that was opened and run by a guy we’d met at the Posidome (a house-show punk venue that doubled as our neighbor in Raleigh) and attended endless events where young people were making change, creating art and inducing an overall spirit of “Go For It” everywhere they went. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this?

This is the reason that we always tell people to move down here. This is what catches our friends and family when they visit, this town is vibrant and progressive, but really, when it comes down to it we’re just a bunch of kids with mighty dreams and aspirations, making a life out of being super supportive of one another and spreading love and friendship until our arms can’t stretch anymore.

We’ve been successful in luring a few more midwestern folks down this way in the past year, but never have I made such a commanding effort than when I pressured my friend Becky to make the move. I knew I had a tough job ahead of me, considering this girl is Wisconsin to the core. She recently tattooed the state on her forearm and if I could name one thing that we’ve bickered the most about in our almost 10 years of friendship, it would be the possession and whereabouts of a worn out WI Badgers hoodie, complete with ink stains and arm holes.

Regardless, the good guys won and we got her here, and it’s been so much fun to watch the “Durham spirit” hit her upside the head. She and her partner Mike, who is a badass cook, drummer, friend and perfect partner to Ms. Cascio…are starting a Pizza truck this spring called Pie Pushers (#7). In 2010 they started inviting members of the crew over on an almost monthly basis to eat and drink to our hearts content. Sometimes we’d bring ingredients, others just a case of PBR’s, often Phil would bring a guitar, but all they ever asked for in return was some feedback on their pizza creations. Sadly, I think that the German in Becky has been a little let down since the only feedback they get is, “Dude, this is amazing”, “You guys have to do this, I’ll help you with whatever you need”, “When you guys open I’m going to eat there everyday”, “This is the best pizza I’ve ever had in my damn life”. But that’s Durham, criticism here often comes in the form of heaps of positivity.

So be on the look out this spring, these kids are gonna kill it. The “1243” is my personal favorite, complete with pistachios and yellow peppers …yum. (@piepushers on Twitter)


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