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Wednesday Lunch in Cary!!

26 Oct

join us for lunch @ American Airlines Ofcs @ 509 Gregson Dr in Cary!! pie pushin 11:30a-1:30p #comegrabaslice 

the Gateway Hustle

24 Oct

a new special slice – homemade tomato-vinegar BBQ sauce, fried chicken, jalapeños, green onion, cheddar, and mozzarella!!

one of our slices this week is a special THANK YOU and ode to our construction company – thanks Gateway Building Co!! we most definitely could not have pulled off Main St without your knowledge, heavy lifting, planning, magic making, and patience!! #theshim #theycanhustle #comegrabaslice 

Slices Menu Changed!

24 Oct

by the slice menu changed!! fried chicken, what?! the freshy fresh makes its first appearance on Main St!! #comegrabaslice 11a-11p #takingcallins 919.294.8408

Sunday Funday at Ponysaurus!!

23 Oct

join us for #SundayFunday @ponysaurusbrewing 12-9p!! pizza pie, Wings – and football and local brewskis inside!! #comegrabaslice #takingcallins 919.901.0743

Saturday Brunch on Main St!!

22 Oct

Saturday Brunch starts at 11a on Main St in downtown Durham!! brunch at the new space features more things AND drinks!! #comegrabaslice #addalocalEGGtoanything 

Saturday Morning – Food Truck is on Hunt St!!

22 Oct

join us for breakfast @HuntStMarket near the @durhamfarmersmarket 8:30a-12:30p!! pizza pie + biscuits + spuds!! #comegrabaslice 

Saturday Brunch Plans?!?

22 Oct

need a plan for Saturday brunch?! try the Jack Hacker – our brunch sicilian with a local egg! ps we have Mimosas too!!

Wings and Pizza Pie – a perfect lunch combo!!

20 Oct

we have Wings that are fried now – besides our classic dry rubbed and baked wings on Main St!! with SIX sauces to choose from!! and what pairs better with a pound of wings than a slice of cheese pizza?!

thanks for the photo, @cheerwineanddine!

Thursday Lunch at DA!!

20 Oct

lunch is @ Durham Academy today!! pie pushin 11:30a-1:30p!! #comegrabaslice 

Monday Menu to start the week off right … 

17 Oct

new menu starts today #somanychoices #comegrabaslice at the NEW restaurant in downtown Durham!! M-Th 11a-11p + F&S 11a-2a @ 117 West Main St, above @the_pinhook!! #takingcallins too! 919.294.8408

OPEN in downtown Durham + Sat AM Brunch!!

14 Oct

we are OPEN in downtown Durham!! AND … Saturday Brunch starts this week – every Sat AM 11a-2p!! @ 117 W Main St, above the Pinhook!! #comegrabaslice #addalocalEGGtoanything

Saturday Brunch starts TOMORROW!!

14 Oct

need a brunch teaser for tomorrow morning?! meet a new friend – the Jack Hacker!! a think slice of sicilian pie topped with our local country sausage gravy, bacon cheddar, roasted potato, fresh red onion – and a local sunny side up egg! 🍳☀️

Thursday Food Truck Lunch!!

14 Oct

join us for lunch @ Imperial today!! pie pushin 11:30a-1:30p at 4309 Emperor Blvd in Durham!! #comegrabaslice 

Thursday + Weekend Slice Menu at the NEW restaurant space!!

13 Oct

new slice addition for the weekend – the #BeefStroganoff!! #comegrabaslice today for lunch! open 11a-11p @ 117 W Main St – upstairs!! AND as always, we’re #takingcallins 919.294.8408

Thursday Lunch at Rho Inc!!

13 Oct

join the pizza truck @RhoWorld for lunch today!! pie pushin 11:30a-1:30p @ 6330 Quadrangle Blvd towards Chapel Hill!! #comegrabaslice