July 20th thru 24th: this weekend’s schedule!!

20 Jul

wanna SEE where we’ll BE this weekend?!
we have some GREAT events in store for you … and pizza pe to fill yer bellies!!

FRIDAY, JULY 20th   
 join us for a fresh slice at WestChase!!  we’re pushin pies 11:30a-1:30p in their lot off of Blue Ridge Rd, just south of Wade Ave!!
 we will be pushin pies at the Durham History Hub!!
on this wonderful 3rd FRIDAY, from 6-10p, at the old bus depot in Downtown Durham!!  come check out the work in Progress, as the Museum of Durham History displays future plans for the Hub’s exhibits!!  with live music, local street eats, AND a local beer selection too!!

AM: we’ll be back out near the Durham Farmers Market, 9a-12p!!  we”ll have fresh slices, knots, whole pies … AND hot biscuits, biscuits and gravy, and our Breakfast Biscuit Sammies!!
PM: we’ll be pushin pies at TRKfest at the Piedmont Biofuels!!
with live music from some of TREKKY record’s favorites PLUS local streets eat from US, Only Burger, and Parlez Vous Crepes!!
the party is a DAY long event, starting around 2pm!  and we can NOT wait to see YOU there!!

SUNDAY and MONDAY, JULY 22nd and 23rd
we are takin BOTH days OFF!
to rest, relax, and enjoy some of Durham’s local treats!!

pushin pies at Health Decisions!!  in the back lot at 2510 Meridian Parkway, 11:30a-1:30p!!  with the Parlour too!
Dinn: OFF

thanks again for following us, everyone!!  we are excited to see you out this week around Durham!!