Jan 4th thru Jan 11th: this week’s mini-Schedule!!

4 Jan

we apologize in advance for the mini schedule this week!
we promise that after a few minor maintenance fixes and last minute scheduling schtuff this week … that next week will be more jam-packed and FULL of local pie pushin!!

we FINALLY made it back to Durham!  but we will be OFF to prep, clean, and get ready for 2012!!

Lunch: CGIRB 11:30a-1:30p.  pushin pies out at 1 Triangle Drive in RTP!!
Dinn: this year’s FIRST 1st Thursday at Oval Park, 5-8p.

FRIDAY, Jan 6th  –  SUNDAY, Jan 8th
we are sad to say that the pizza truck will NOT be out this weekend.
we know, how can you get into town and start the new year … and then take off right away again?!?
turns out we have a few minor repairs that we will be taking care of, as well as a funeral and more catch-up from our holiday field trip.  the repairs should be done in time for Monday night though!!

MONDAY, Jan 9th
Lunch: OFF.
Dinn: join us for the 1st 2012 Monday Night at the Green Room, 6-9p!

TUESDAY, Jan 10th
Lunch: back out at Health Decisions, 11:30a-1:30p.
Dinn: OFF.

Lunch: pushin pies at Rho, 11:30a-1p!!  we’re SO excited to be back out at Quadrangle Drive!!
Dinn: back out at FULLSTEAM BREWERY, 5-10p!!  … 3 weeks off and we are SO ready to be back at Fullsteam!!

can’t wait to see you out sooN!!