Saturday Morning on Hunt St!!

7 Feb

join us for breakfast at the Hunt St Market!! pie pushin with BISCUITS 9:30a-12:30p!! and you know we have local NC sweet taters on the truck (ALL month) too!!


Friday Night at Cocoa Cinnamon!!

6 Feb

Friday night pizza night?! we’re pie pushin @CocoaCinnamon 4-9p! AND we are taking whole pie call in orders for pick up! (919)901-0743


Friday Lunch at Northchase at Midtown!!

6 Feb

lunch time is SOON and we’re pie pushin @ Northchase at Midtown, in Raleigh @ 6501 Six Forks Road!! a NEW lunch spot, 11:30a-1:30p!!


First Thursday At Oval Park!!

5 Feb

join us at Oval Park for First Thursday! pie pushin 5-8p alongside – and we’re takin whole pie call in orders!! (919)901-0753


Wednesday Lunch in Downtown Durham!!

4 Feb

join us for LUNCH @ the Carmichael Bldg in downtown Durham!! we’re pie pushin 11:30a-1:30 in the back lot behind 300 N Duke St, off of Fuller St!!


Tuesday Lunch in Downtown Durham!!

3 Feb

ready for lunch?! we’re pie pushin 11:30a1:30p behind the Durham Centre @ 300 W Roney St! (behind 300 W Morgan St)

ANd check out our local NC sweet potato slice too! we will be showcasing NC sweet potatoes ALL month!! #SignatureSweets


Sunday Brunch at Cocoa Cinnamon!!

1 Feb

we are at Cocoa Cinnamon for Sunday BRUNCH!! pie pushin with biscuits 9a-2p … pre-Super Bowl pizza pie?! #SundayBiscuitTime


Saturday Morning at the Hunt St Market!!

31 Jan

morning!! pizza and BISCUIT time Hunt St Market!! pushin 9:30a-12:30p and takin whole pie call ins too! (919)901-0743


Friday Night Pizza Night at Cocoa Cinnamon!!

30 Jan

join us for pizza pie at CocoaCinnamon – cause it’s Friday night! pizza and wine and beer and coffee 4-9p!!

ANd as always, we’re takin whole pie call in orders!! whatdya want and when?! (919) 901-0743


Thursday Lunch at One Renaissance Centre!!

29 Jan

join us for lunch in RALEIGH @ 3301 Benson Dr!! pizza pie 11:30a-1:30!!


Wednesday Night Pizza Night!!

28 Jan

dinner planning time!! it’s Wednesday – time for pizza and beer at Fullsteam Brewery!! we’re pie pushin AND taking call in whole pie orders 5-10p!! (919)901-0743


Wednesday Lunch in Mebane!!

28 Jan

join us for lunch outside of ARCA Tech @ 1151 Holmes Rd in Mebane!! pie pushin 11:30a-1:30p!!


Saturday Morning on Hunt St!!

24 Jan

join us for breakfast at the Hunt St Market 9:30a-12:30p!! rain has gone away, time for pizza pie AND biscuits!!


Friday Night at Fullsteam Brewery!!

23 Jan

it’s a Friday Pizza Night Fullsteam!! pie pushin til 9p!! come by or call ahead!! (919)901-0743


Friday Lunch at NC State U!!!

23 Jan

it’s our FIRST time to NC State University’s Food Truck Lunch!! pie pushin 11:30a-1:30p at 930 Main Campus Dr!!

AND we are takin whole pie call in orders too! (919)901-0743
Call in with what you want and when you want to come pick it up!!

AND we will be here MONTHLY – every 4th Friday!!