Friday Lunch at Imperial!!

8 May

join us for lunch at Imperial @ 4309 Emperor Blvd in Durham!!  pie pushin 11:30a-1:30 – come grab a slice!!
we’re here every month – on 2nd Fridays!!  mark you calendars!

First Thursday at Oval Park!!

7 May

it’s the First Thursday and we’re pie pushin @ Oval Park 5-8p!! come grab a slice, call in a whole pie order, and high five some neighbors!! 919.901.0743

Wednesday Night in the sun Fullsteam Brewery!!

6 May

you know it’s Wednesday, right?!  pie pushin at Fullsteam 5-10p!! and it’s hot, so guess who is back on the menu?!? #theSpicyGoat
AND we are taking whole pie call in orders to pick up too!! 919.901.0743

Sunday Funday – Food Truck Todeo time!!

3 May

join us at the #RaleighRodeo in Downtown Raleigh!!  pie pushin 1-6p at Martin on Fayetteville St!!

Saturday at the Strawberry Festival!!

2 May

we are about to OPEN with local STRAWBERRIES!!  what, on pizza pie?!  join us the school til 4p!!

No Farmers Market today!! ;(

2 May

we are NOT @HuntStMarket today ;( BUT instead join us @cpsc_strawbfest!!  pie pushin begins at 10:30a – and we will still have Eggs AND the breakfast slice!!

Friday Night Pizza at Cocoa Cinnamon!!

1 May

join us for Friday Night Pizza Pie at CocoaCinnamon til 9p!! come grab a slice AND we’re takings whole pie call in orders to pick up too! 919.901.0743 

Friday Lunch at PNC Arena!!

1 May

join us for lunch outside of the PNC Arena!! we’re pie pushin 11:30a-1:30p by the box office!! #pizzapieforLUNCH 

Thursday Lunch near the NC State Fair @ Gregory Poole!!

30 Apr

join us for lunch @ Gregory Poole Equipment!!  we’re pie pushin @ 4807 Beryl Rd in Raleigh – just south of Dorton Arena, 11:30a-1:30p!!

another Wednesday Night at Fullsteam’s Brewery!!

29 Apr

and man, do we have some fun slices in store for you tonight!!

we’re pie pushin 5-10p at Fullsteam Brewery – AND taking call in whole pie orders too!! 919.901.0743


Tuesday Lunch at Channel Advisor!!

28 Apr

join us for lunch at ChannelAdvisor at 2701 Aerial Center Pkwy!!  pie pushin 11:30a-1:30p!

Sunday Brunch at Cocoa Cinnamon!!

26 Apr

Sunday morning is for BISCUITS – and pizza pie, of course!  join us at CocoaCinnamon 9a-2p for brunch!!

Saturday at Brewgaloo!!

25 Apr

join us at brewgaloo in raleigh for pizza pie today 2-10p rain OR shine!!  and check out these slices – perfect to pair with beer!!!

Saturday morning on Hunt St!!

25 Apr

join us for breakfast 8:30a-12p at the Hunt St Market!!  pizza pie and BISCUITS!!

Friday Night is for Pizza Pie!!

24 Apr

join us for dinner – Friday Night Pizza Night @Fullsteam til 10p!!  takin whole pie call in orders too!! 919.901.0743