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Northgate Park 4th Thursdays!!

26 Mar

join us Northgate Park’s FIRST 2015 4th Thursday!!  a mini rodeo evening at the neighborhood park – tonight til 8:30p – just in front of the tennis courts!!

AND we are taking whole pie takin call in orders too!!  919.901.0743


Channel Advisor Lunchtime!!

24 Mar

join us for a slice for lunch at ChannelAdvisor!!  we’re pie pushin out back @ 2701 Aerial Center Parkway 11:30a-1:30p!!


Saturday Morning at the Hunt St Market!!

21 Mar

join us for breakfast – AND the chorizo & egg is BACK!!  we’re pie pushin at the Hunt St Market 9:30a-12:30p!!


Friday Night at Cocoa Cinnamon!!

20 Mar

ready to join us for a slice?!  pie pushin 4-9p at CocoaCinnamon – and taking while pie call in orders too! 919.901.0743

AND it’s 3rd Friday – and we have a SPECIAL slice to honor the #Artstigators !!!


Friday Lunch at the RTP Lunch Rodeo!!

20 Mar

join us for lunch at the weekly rodeo in RTP!!  pie pushin 11:30a-1:30p @ 800 Park Offices Dr!!


Thursday Lunch in North Raleigh!!

19 Mar

join us for lunch at the State Employee Credit Union @ 3101 Wake Forest Rd in Raleigh 11:30a-1:30p!!  pizza pie for lunch, yes please!!

Wednesday at Fullsteam Brewery!!

18 Mar

it’s Wednesday and it’s gorgeous – and there is beer AND pizza pie at Fullsteam!!  pie pushin 5-10p and taking call in orders!! (919)901-0743

Wednesday Lunch at Measurement Inc!!

17 Mar

start planning you’re lunch early!  we’re pie pushin 11:30a-1:30p on the corner of Liggett & Corporation, behind the main older MI building!!

AND we’re takin whole pie call in orders to pick up too!!  (919)901-0743

Tuesday Lunch at Point Source in Raleigh!!

17 Mar

join us at Point Source for lunch @ 343 E Six ForksRd in Raleigh!!  pie pushin 11:30a-1:30p!!

Sunday Brunch at Cocoa Cinnamon!!

15 Mar

brunch til 2p!!  join us @CocoaCinnamon for BISCUITS and pizza pie!!

AND we are taking call in orders ALL morning too!!  (919) 901-0743

Saturday Night Pi Night!!

14 Mar

our Pi night at Cocoa Cinnamon starts SO soon!! we’re pi(e) pushin 4-9p – taking call in whole pie orders 919.901.0743 – AND a whole pi(e) special 4-5p: $3.14 large 16″ pizzas!!

Pi Day to start soon at Cocoa Cinnamon!!

14 Mar

happy pi Day!! check out these pizza pi(e)s to be born soon at CocoaCinnamon!! 

SPECIAL: $3.14 large 16″ cheese pies 4-5p!!  pie pushin til 9p too!

Saturday Morning on Hunt St – for Pi Day!!!

14 Mar

it’s Pi day – come have a slice of pizza pie for breakfast!!  we’re at the Hunt St Market – from 9:26a – 12:30p!! #getit 3.14.15 9:26 #welikemathandpizza

Friday Lunch at Emporer Blvd!!

13 Mar

join us for lunch at the Imperial Office Center @ 4309 Emperor Blvd!!  pie pushin 11:30a-1:30p!!

and FYI, we’re here every 2nd Friday of the month!!

Wednesday Night at Fullsteam Brewery!!

11 Mar

Wednesday night = time for pizza and beer!!  pie pushin 5-10pm at Fullsteam – come out for the slice while the weather is still nice!!

AND we are taking whole pie call in orders!! (919)901-0743 what do you want on your pie?  and when do you want it?